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Inspired by everyday living,

rooted in the idea of simplicity. 

Resonates with objects around you,

intended to move something within you.

with N. springs from the routine, the mundane. It is an exploration of handwoven textiles that seamlessly blend into your daily routine, making it part of your everyday!

with N. is lucid, it’s flowing, and hence, it’s evolving. Here, we try and translate this idea into the clothes we make. Our clothes are simple. No frills attached, really! They are for daydreamers, the romantics, for artists, for those who believe in the idea of timeless, classic clothing.

Our clothes are slow-made, and weaver oriented, exploring the vast variety of textile across different regions in India. We are working to blend handloom with fresh silhouettes-those which are practical, modern, and classic. To have people understand the beauty and the necessity of handloom, and appreciate where it comes from is what we are truly driving towards!


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