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Design Process

Our work has been a continued exploration of our love for textiles. We work with weavers from across India and over the past couple of years, we have collaborated with them extensively to create minimal, contemporary textiles, that speak a language unique to our brand.

We have not yet fallen for the idea of season-based clothing. We introduce new work when we find some inspiration, or come across new textiles which are too good to be put away for another summer!

The colours indigo and white hold a special place in our work, and you will find us getting back to it often and unapologetically!

Our practice is also a constant learning process for us. Inspiration strikes in the middle of a cab ride, or trips to tiny villages along the river– we stay open to receiving!

We embrace the beauty of the textiles we work with and often let the textile take the centre stage. The silhouette follows afterwards. When we work with natural dyes, we allow them to take their natural course– sometimes even creating accidental beauty in the process.

Our clothes are supposed to be worn often and through seasons and years. A lot of our designs stem from the thought of what we would wear in our everyday lives. They marry simplicity with detailing. They bear a subtle obviousness; they're apparent but with an effortless charm! 

Handloom for Everyday


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